R.I.P. Chronotron Mobile

Chronotron Mobile for Windows Phone 8.1 has been removed from the Store.

Chronotron Pro becomes Chronotron!

The Chronotron Pro plug-in becomes just Chronotron, which was the original product name back in 2003.

Check out the Chronotron channel on YouTube

Check out the Chronotron channel on YouTube for demo videos on how to use Chronotron to slow down video playback in real time.

Chronotron 4.3 brings back Winamp support!

Go to the download page to get the latest version now.

Announcing Chronotron Speed Changer!

Chronotron Speed Changer for Windows 8.1 has been released. Get it now through the Windows Store.

Download YouTube videos without ever leaving Windows Media Player!

Starting with version 4.x, Chronotron includes a YouTube downloader and works with most video formats.

Product Highlights

Chronotron Audio/Video Speed Changer

Chronotron Speed Changer is an audio/video speed changer app optimized for touch devices. It allows you to manipulate tempo and pitch independently during playback, i.e. change the tempo of audio and video files without affecting pitch (time stretching) and/or change pitch without affecting tempo (key change).

The innovative HOLD mode virtually lets you step note by note during playback (even backwards!) so you can transcribe ultrafast guitar solos easier than ever.

You can use Chronotron Speed Changer to slow down audio and video material for easier music and speech transcription, to transpose backing tracks so you can sing along in a more comfortable key, to change tempo when practicing complicated dance steps, or just to have fun with it.

Key Features

Real-time audio and video time stretching from 25% to 400%
Real-time key change from -6 to 6 semitones
Innovative HOLD mode that makes music transcription a breeze!
Loop function
A video delay control allows for more accurate audio/video synchronization
Markers can be set to memorize up to 5 specific positions in a media file
Last used tempo and key settings can be recalled automatically when opening files
Solo-channel function to isolate individual audio channels
Record video from your webcam without leaving the app
Supports .mp4, .wmv, .mp3, .wav and .wma

Chronotron was the first audio plug-in to deliver high quality audio in real time at reasonable scaling ratios. Chronotron Speed Changer implements highly-tuned algorithms featuring superior performance, wider effect range and improved sound quality.

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